Creative at heart, strategic in mind. Sonic identity is more than just a unique set of notes that customers will associate with your product, it’s an expression of your brand DNA through the power of sound and music. More than an audio logo, it’s a feeling and when done well, it triggers emotions, enhances brand recall and gains even greater attention than visual identity.

If a picture paints a thousand words, music helps paint a million! We translate your vision and ideas into sound, respecting your brief and your timeframe. Alongside you, we will use our experience across musical genres to craft the perfect background to your commercial, documentary or audiovisual project. Our music captures what pictures alone cannot.

Sound forms the backbone of any production. Equipped with a 5.1 sound system and tuned to perfection for high-fidelity acoustics, our mixing room and wide range of creative and technical skills will enhance the narrative of your project by creating a sense of off-screen space. When done right, sound can create illusions and immerse audiences. 

At HOMY, we want you to feel equally excited and at ease in the studio :) With  a perfectly tuned mixing room and a unique outboard gear collection  we’re marrying genres and influences to level up your production. Curious and devoted, we are always looking to ignite that spark that will set your work apart.

Music has the power to move us and affect our moods. Too powerful to be an afterthought or left in the background, music can influence the way we move and how we behave, it can even impact our purchasing decisions. By curating a branded atmosphere, the outcome is so much more than music.

Music enhances emotions and shapes an audience's perception of a scene. Often composed in close collaboration with the director, the score can range from simple background music to complex arrangements. With a deep understanding of music theory, and a strong sense of storytelling and pacing, we will craft audio that elevates your images.

We specialize in converting texts into professionally produced audiobooks. Our services include recordings by experienced narrators, with carefully integrated music and sound design when required. Our team oversees every step of the process, from recording to sound mixing, ensuring that the final audio production stays true to your original text.

Sound & Music Services

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